Amira (Undergraduate Consultant)

Discipline: Public Health

Areas of Interest: primary care & prevention, indigenous/alternative medicine, access/quality of health services for displaced persons, health law & policy, impact of colonialism on higher education and young professionalism, social entrepreneurship, immigration & refugee issues, politicalization of religious identities, feminism in the Islamic world, interfaith initiatives for social justice, service-based learning

Teaching Philosophy

The more I encounter diversity (in language skills, disciplines, genres, writing tasks)  through my work at the Writing Center, the more I grow convinced that the most successful appointments are the ones that unfold from a strong partnership between the consultant and the client. The sessions that seem most rewarding are the ones where both consultants and clients look fort opportunities to exchange and apply their expertise tot he writing task. It's like a picnic; I'll bring some writing conventions and grammar tips, but you bring the exciting stuff - the ideas, experiences, and voice - that will make your paper really shine.