Bernardita Yunis Varas

Writing Center Faculty Mentor
Gelman Library

Adjunct Professor, University Writing Program

Areas of Specialization: Latinx Identities, Identity Development, Communication Across Borders, ESL writing, Multilingual Students, Public Speaking & Group Communication, Social Justice & Advocacy work, Personal & Professional development, Leadership Development, Mentoring

As a Faculty Mentor, Bernardita Yunis is available to assist faculty in developing best practices for working with multilingual writers. Please note that Prof. Yunis does not consult with multilingual writers on their writing; instead, she provides support for faculty in developing their teaching practices and approaches. If you would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Bernardita, please contact her at [email protected].


M.A. Communication Studies, The Pennsylvania State University

Teaching Philosophy

Through education, I seek to empower young adults to find their power in spite of oppression and injustices they have faced in their lives. While sharing practical tools --like effective writing and English language skills-- my goal is to empower by tapping into the talents students already have within them. My personal social justice lens works within understanding that the world systems we live within are set up to disempower and control. As educators, we must fight against these by giving students the ability to liberate themselves. Because all learners come from their own lived realities and limitations, my effort is to engage students and youth in those spaces and share tools to move to healing and freedom through empowerment.