Blyss (Undergraduate Consultant)

A young black woman with auburn colored braids is smiling and looking at the camera from her right side. She is wearing a white sleeveless top. Behind her is a tree.

Blyss (Undergraduate Consultant)


Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Public Health

Discipline: Humanities, Public Health, Social Sciences, STEM

Areas of Interest: Biology, Psychology, Black Literature, English, Public Health

Preferred Citation Style: APA

Interests in the Writing Process: Brainstorming, Citation Help, Developing a Writing Plan, Expanding and Developing Ideas, Outlining, Organizing, Polishing Drafts - word choice, sentence structure, voice, etc., Recognizing where additional evidence/sources are needed, Understanding a Writing Prompt, Working on First Drafts

I believe in taking a collaborative approach with my clients. I am a conduit for them to produce their best writing. I want to create a warm and welcoming environment to not just help my clients improve their assignments, but improve their writing abilities!