Cate L. (Undergraduate Consultant)

Cate L., a young woman with brown hair and brown eyes, smiling at the camera.

Cate L. (Undergraduate Consultant)


Pronouns: She/Her

Major: History

Discipline: Humanities (such as English, gender studies, philosophy, history, American studies, classics, religion, etc.)

Areas of Interest: Art History, Creative Writing, History

Preferred Citation Style: Chicago

Interests in the Writing Process: Brainstorming, Expanding and Developing Ideas, Polishing Drafts - word choice, sentence structure, voice, etc., Recognizing where additional evidence/sources are needed

During our appointment, I will strive to create a collaborative session that works to meet your goals. I hope you will feel comfortable to share your best and worst writing with me, and leave feeling more confident about the work you still need to do.