Long-Term Project Program

Partnering with the Writing Center

The goal of this pilot program is to support writers making sustained efforts on major writing projects when those projects can’t be adequately supported through the Center’s traditional 25- or 50-minute appointments.

What We Offer:

  • We can schedule up to 2 one-hour appointments per week, for a full semester, with a single consultant, so that you’re receiving dedicated, sustained attention to your project. The program will provide both regular deadlines and writing support from the consultant who partners with you!
  • This program is potentially renewable for a second semester, with director permission and if the Writing Center’s resources permit

NOTE: This program is in its pilot stages; limited spaces are currently available.


How to Get Started!

  1. Contact the Writing Center’s director ([email protected]) to set up a meeting. (If we’re at capacity by the time you contact the director, she can put you on a wait list for the following semester).
  2. At the meeting, the director will help you develop a possible writing plan for the semester.
  3. If your project is a good fit for the “Long-Term Project Program,” the director will identify a consultant to partner with you and will set up a schedule for the full semester. NOTE: Writers are usually limited to making appointments two weeks in advance in the Writing Center; this program works differently by scheduling appointments with the same consultant for the full semester.
  4. Begin!



  • We can schedule up to two one-hour appointments per week for a full semester with the same consultant.
  • These long-term project appointments will take place outside the regular system of the Writing Center’s three-appointments-per-week (or two appointments per week in the Summer) policy. If you’d like to work on other, more short-term projects (personal statements, cover letters for job applications, etc.), please feel free to make up to three appointments per week on our scheduling software (WCOnline). We do, however, ask that you only work on the long-term project with the consultant assigned to that partnership, so that the consultant can be familiar with the full project.
  • This program is renewable for a second semester, if the Writing Center’s resources permit.
  • The Center allows up to three missed appointments per semester.
  • If the writer is repeatedly unprepared for meetings…
    • The consultant will work with the writer to establish more realistic goals/a more realistic schedule (which may involve adjusting the frequency of meeting times)
    • If that approach doesn’t work, the consultant will bring in the director. The director can then communicate with the writer to see if changes need to be made.

If there’s repeated lack of preparation, the director may cancel the partnership for the semester (although it can be requested again the following semester).