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How to Register on the UWC Scheduling Page:


First time visitors:


1) Visit

2) Click the link  “Click here to Register
3) Fill out all personal information as required

4) Click on the link in your confirmation email to activate your account

Note: You must use your GWU e-mail.
Note: If you do not know your GWID, you can visit the Student Services Office in “Colonial Central,” located in the basement floor of The Marvin Center.

4) E-mail Options: You now have the ability to personalize your notifications. Click the drop-down boxes next to each feature (e.g. “When I make an appointment.”).

Choose “Yes” to leave the function on and “No” to deactivate it.

5) Include iCal link: For iMac and Outlook Users

Note: iCal links are used to sync to your personal calendar (iMac, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar).

Select “Yes” or “No” to opt-in to this feature.

6) Text Messages: If you would like reminders about your appointments sent to your cell phone, please provide your cell phone number and designate your service provider in the drop-down menu.

Note: All of your information is kept confidential. Standard texting rates apply.

7) Click the REGISTER button.

8) A confirmation notice will be sent to your GW e-mail. Click on the link enclosed and you’re done!


Returning Visitors:

1) Visit

2) Log-in using your GW e-mail credentials


Note: Although the e-mail account is the same, you may have selected a different password at registration.

3) Select the current semester from the drop-down menu “Choose a Semester”

4) Click Log In



How to Retrieve a Lost Password:

1) At the log-in Screen, registered users can select the link “Click here to Reset your Password.”

2) Enter your GW e-mail address in the pop-up module.

3) A link will be e-mailed to you that will allow you to reset your password to one of your chooising.

Note: If your account has been blocked (i.e. you have accrued 3 missed appointments in a single semester), you will be unable to reset your password.

Scheduling an Appointment:

(To be finished)