Robert (Graduate Consultant)

Robert, a young light-skinned man with medium length brown hair, brown eyes, and a beard, smiling.

Robert (Graduate Consultant)


Pronouns: He/Him

Major: Islamic Studies: Shi'ism

Discipline: Humanities, International Affairs, Mass Communication (including journalism), Pre-Law, Social Sciences

Areas of Interest and Experience: English, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Journalism, Legal Studies

Languages: Arabic

Preferred Citation Style: APA, MLA

Interests in the Writing Process: Adding voice/humor to the paper - helping to personalize, Addressing Audience, Brainstorming, Expanding and Developing Ideas, Outlining, Recognizing where additional evidence/sources are needed, Working on First Drafts

Everyone has a voice, and I want to help you find it and use it. Sometimes, we know what we want to see, but can't figure out exactly how we want to say it. I believe that writers, whether students or faculty, should always remain in control of their work, for the beauty of writing is in the uniqueness of each writer.