Roles & Responsibilities

The George Washington University Writing Center is a welcoming, professional and academic environment where members of the GW community can receive dedicated attention to their writing and research projects at all stages of the writing process.The Writing Center works through a collaborative conversation between writing consultants and student writers.

Therefore, writers will be expected to:

  • arrive on time and with an open mind (consultants can only offer suggestions; if writers are unwilling to listen to changes and/or constructive criticism, the session will not be productive);
  • bring any relevant materials, such as assignment prompts, brainstorming ideas, drafts, research notes, or professor's comments;
  • participate actively in the conference by reading their work aloud, composing new writing, revising existing work, and discussing complex ideas in conversation with their consultants;
  • recognize the time allotments of a given session. Longer papers or works in early drafting stages may require more than a single session for development and revision;
  • offer writing that meets ethical standards, including those of the University Office of Academic Integrity. Plagiarized writing or work misrepresented as a student's own will not be discussed in conference. (We are, however, happy to work with student writers on matters of ethical citation and documentation on drafts that include research and outside sources.); and
  • honor the intellectual environment for all participants in the Center's work; the Writing Center reserves the right to end sessions and ask disruptive or disrespectful students to leave.

In return, our consultants will:

  • treat each writer with courtesy and individual attention;
  • bring specialized, pedagogical training to help tutees improve as writers;
  • engage in conversation to establish, and then work to satisfy, agreed-upon goals for each session;
  • attend to overall writing development; consultants do not offer grading evaluations on specific assignments nor are they responsible for grades received on a given piece of writing;
  • partner with a writer to identify patterns of error and help build a deeper understanding of grammar and syntax; consultants will not proofread, line-edit, or "correct" papers; and
  • maintain the confidentiality of all tutees; we will not share information with professors without prior approval.