Three Writing Consultants Present at MAWCA

March 18, 2016

March 18 - 19, 2016

Two of our consultants presented a paired presentation on Writing Center Leadership. Fitz recounted and reflected on her ROTC/Writing Center experiences and raised questions about how to work with aggressive clients in the Writing Center; Olivia then used Fitz's experiences as a way of discussing metacognitive reflection and what consultants can gain from such reflections. 

Indirect Fire
Megan FitzGerald

Receiving indirect fire during a ROTC field exercise is different from receiving indirect fire from a client. This paper discusses how synthesizing leadership makes better consultants and better clients.

Following her MAWCA presentation, our consultant Megan Fitzgerald was invited to present her portion of the panel to a group from the Cabrini College. 

A Framework of Feelings: Reflective Tutoring Beyond the Writing Center
Olivia Barrow

A writing center consultant is likened to a public official; both figures realize collaborative skills and empathetic leadership through a culture of self-reflection


The third consultant, Evan, presented his own research on the role of morphosyntactic instruction within writing consultations. 

Doing Grammar: A Comparison of Writing Consultant Training in Morphosyntax
Evan DeFrancesco
Conventional wisdom holds that writing centers don’t “do grammar,” but in practice they do “do grammar.”  Is introducing explicit morphosyntactic instruction to consultant training programs an innovation or a regression?