Writers love us!

desiree and changle
May 12, 2016

Our work at the Writing Center is always rewarding, but we especially love when we hear positive feedback from writers! A recently graduated client was nice enough to send us the following e-mail and let us publish it!

Dear officer,

I will graduate in May, 2016. From Fall 2014 semester to Spring 2016 semester, I made a lot of appointments with writing center to revise my project reports, research paper, and my personal writing exercise. M
any tutors help me. I search the email records and I find that I made appointment with Olivia, Talia, Dharini, Eunice, Isabella, Sunaina, Doug, Lisa, Claire, Matt, Morgan, and so on. My paper always received high scores in courses. I learned a lot about how to do citations, how to find resources, how to find common grammar mistakes by myself, how to adjust the structure and organization of sentences and paragraphs, and so on. The revision process significantly improves my writing ability. When I write a new paper now, I still need help to revise the paper. But I make less mistakes. 

Thank you so much. I attach three photos that I took on April 26th, 2016. It was an enjoyable experience to meeting with all of you in the writing center.

Changle Xu