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2019 Testimonial
July 01, 2019

Our work at the Writing Center is always rewarding, but we especially love when we hear positive feedback from writers! A recently graduated client was nice enough to send us the following e-mail and let us publish it!

Jason Yuan

p.s. Special thanks to Tony for polishing this testimonial with me.

I didn't like writing at all, nine months ago, when I first came here to pursue my American dream. My English for Academic Purpose (EAP) professor asked me to revise the paper with the help of the writing center. The doubt arose in my mind unconsciously, why do I need to care too much about the language since what mattered most was my ideas and insights, right? Carrying this doubt, I came across my first appointment ever with Iman, and my eyes had truly been opened. Nine months later, the vibe which the center radiated in its mission to strengthen students’ writing hooked my lust for improvement like a starving shark who never got its game; it became the main reason for me to love Gelman library. Here, I polished my academic paper, my speech, my cover letter, and even my love letter. I gained lots of confidence and sense of achievement through writing. Now, I love writing because it shapes precisely how I express myself and how I cherish all my beloved.

Writing means sharing, it's part of the human psyche to want to share things-- insights, innovations, and condolences. I gradually become a better sharer with the enormous help from my impeccable consultants in the writing center. They are extremely charismatic and knowledgeable. The writing center is my safe place, nourishing my every aspect ability of language. Last month, when I got a chance to talk with President LeBlanc, I expressed my recognition and appreciation without any slight retainment. As an international student, I keep fighting for overcoming the language barrier. In the process, asking others for help and making full use of the resource around me are very critical and significant. Through revising my writing with the consultants, I can effectively and efficiently practice my speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills at the same time. Consultants are from very different areas of the university, and we can always spark when we exchange our ideas to create an environment where satisfaction and hindrance intertwines; this alters the structure of our youth seeds by diligence to stretch our wings so that we will ignite a flame for those who dwell in the dark or have been misfortuned with less.

I firmly believe you will enjoy this process as well. If you haven’t tried this wonderful place before, now it is the time to change your world. Our life consists of numerous dots, these dots represent satisfaction, sorrow, obstacles, desolation, triumph, and so on. If you are facing some negative dots, please embrace them, and fearlessly claw those challenges without a brim desire for escape or redirection. Try to courageously handle such persistent enigmas by granting yourself the time to excel unlimitedly through patience, perseverance, and most chiefly, compassion.


What was your first time in the Writing Center like?

I was very curious about what kind of help I would acquire, and slightly anxious if I can communicate smoothly with the consultant. With curiosity and anxiety, I met Iman. She is impossibly patient and warm, giving me tons of support and encouragement no matter for my academic paper or for my studying abroad journey. I enjoyed that conversation a lot.


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Pictured above: Jason with our Consultants and Front Office Assistant