Zoey (Undergraduate Consultant)

A young Asian woman is smiling subtly into the camera. You can only see her head in this photo, it's quite prominent. You can also see her ginkgo ear clips. She has medium-length black hair, brown eyes. She is wearing a blue crop top but you can only see the collar. Behind her is the interior of her room, including the AC and some boxes.

Zoey (Undergraduate Consultant)


Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Women's Studies

Discipline: Humanities, Social Sciences

Areas of Interest: Sociology, Psychology

Languages: Chinese

Preferred Citation Style: APA, Chicago

Interests in the Writing Process: Adding voice/humor to the paper - helping to personalize, Addressing Audience, Developing a Writing Plan, Outlining, Polishing Drafts - word choice, sentence structure, voice, etc., Recognizing where additional evidence/sources are needed, Understanding a Writing Prompt

I am dedicated to helping my clients find their own voices in writing and learn to enjoy writing!