Esi (Graduate Consultant)

A Black woman in her early twenties faces smiles brightly toward the camera. She is wearing a white shirt with grey, black and white flowers drawn on while her braided hair cascades over her shoulders. Pictured behind her are some blurred trees and greenery.

Esi (Graduate Consultant)


Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Public Health

Discipline: Humanities, Public Health, Social Sciences 

Areas of Interest and Experience:  English, Africana Studies, Sociology

Preferred Citation Style: MLA

Interests in the Writing Process: Addressing Audience, Citation Help, Mini Grammar Lessons - looking for patterns, Polishing Drafts - word choice, sentence structure, voice, etc., Recognizing where additional evidence/sources are needed, Understanding a Writing Prompt, Working on First Drafts

In all of my sessions, I hope to be the advocate each client needs, no matter what the task is. It's my hope that together we could work to bring forth better work and stronger writers.