Making an Appointment

  • Appointments are available in 25- and 50-minute segments (shown as 30 and 60 on the WCOnline scheduling system).
  • You may schedule appointments up to two weeks in advance during the regular semester.
  • You can have up to three appointments per week, up to 50 minutes per day, during the regular semester.

Keep in mind that our schedule fills quickly, especially around the end of the semester, so we recommend making an appointment in advance. We do offer drop-in appointments, as available.

Students in online programs can also make appointments through the scheduling system and indicate a distance session. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, go online to mywconline or call (202) 994-3765. Distance appointments are only available at our main, Gelman Library location.

Cancelling an Appointment

If you are unable to keep an appointment you've scheduled, please cancel that appointment through our online system or call our front desk (during regular business hours) at (202) 994-3765. At least three-hours notice is required for cancellations. For example, a 2:00PM appointment must be cancelled before 11:00AM. If you cannot give us three-hours notice, your session will be marked as a missed appointment. We appreciate the courtesy of a call even for missed appointments, as other students may be able to sign up for that session in your absence.

Missed Appointments

Appointments will be held for ten minutes. If you haven't arrived (or called in) for your appointment within ten minutes of when it was scheduled to start, we will mark it as missed, so that other students who may be waiting to work with a consultant on a drop-in basis can use that time. 

Because we recognize that last-minute changes can arise in your schedule, we allow up to three missed appointments per semester. After the third missed appointment, your WCOnline account will be disabled; for the remainder of the current semester, you will no longer be able to schedule appointments in advance. You are still welcome, however, to come in for drop-in appointments, as available.

Résumés and CV's

Regarding application materials for jobs, internships, schools, and study abroad, the GW Writing Center is happy to help students work on personal statements and cover letters. The Writing Center conducts sessions in dialogue with writers: we ask questions and engage in discussions about argument, organization, uses of examples or evidence, clarity of expression, and attention to audience. Our dialogic approach works well with personal statements and cover letters because these genres allow for non-discipline-specific discussions of these elements. The Writing Center does not provide feedback on résumés or CV's, however. The length and format for résumés vary widely depending upon the discipline they target, and the various career centers on campus are thus better positioned to support students as they write résumés for specific majors.

For more information on how you can make an appointment with a Career Ambassador and online resources for résumés and CVs, visit the Career Services page.

Group Projects

We welcome small groups into the Center who are working on collaborative writing projects. For group-written assignments, we require that all group members attend the appointment to discuss the whole piece, because we can’t discuss the writing of a person who isn’t present. If you have written an individual section, we can meet with you individually to discuss that portion of the project only.

Take-Home Midterms and Final Exams

The Writing Center is happy to support your work on take-home essays assigned as midterms or finals, as long as your professor permits Writing Center help. For these types of projects, we must have an email from your professor giving you (or the entire class) permission to use the Center, because we want to respect the University’s Code of Academic Integrity. Ask your professor whether you have permission to use the Center for your take-home exam and, if so, to send us an email granting that approval. The email should include your name and the course title, and should be sent to gwriter@gwu.edu. We must have this email before your appointment begins.


The Writing Center honors the trust between consultant and client; confidentiality in relation to your academic work is maintained. We will not discuss the content of your appointment with your professor without your permission. Upon your request, we can provide verification of attendance to professors, as long as you engage in a good-faith contribution to the collaborative session. Please request that verification during the appointment itself (usually at the end).

Please see the Roles and Responsibilities section for additional policies.