Before your first appointment with the Writing Center, please review our policies. These policies and procedures have been developed in collaboration with student writers, consultants, faculty and administrators to strengthen the center's commitment to ethical writing practices and to provide clear expectations of the center's mission in practice. Please feel free to contact the Writing Center with any questions.




The Writing Center honors the trust between consultant and client. The Writing Center will not discuss the content of appointments with the professor who assigned a writing assignment without the student’s knowledge. Upon the client’s request, we can provide verification of attendance to professors, as long as you engage in a good-faith contribution to the collaborative session. Please request that verification during the appointment itself (usually at the end).


Responsibilities of Clients and Consultants

The Writing Center method is based on a collaborative conversation between clients and writing consultants.


Expectations of Clients

  • Arrive on time and with an open mind. Consultants can only offer suggestions; if writers are unwilling to listen to changes and/or constructive criticism, the session will not be productive.
  • Bring any relevant materials, such as assignment prompts, brainstorming ideas, drafts, research notes or professor's comments.
  • Participate actively in the session by reading work aloud, composing new writing, revising existing work and discussing complex ideas in conversation with their consultants.
  • Recognize the time allotments of a given session. Longer papers or works in early drafting stages may require more than a single session for development and revision.
  • Produce writing that meets ethical standards, including those of the GW Code of Academic Integrity. Plagiarized writing or work misrepresented as a student's own will not be discussed in conference. We are, however, happy to work with student writers on matters of ethical citation and documentation on drafts that include research and outside sources.
  • Honor the intellectual environment for all participants in the center's work. The center reserves the right to end sessions and ask disruptive or disrespectful students to leave.


Expectations of Consultants

  • Treat each writer with courtesy and individual attention.
  • Bring specialized, pedagogical training to help tutees improve as writers.
  • Engage in conversation to establish, and then work to satisfy, agreed-upon goals for each session.
  • Attend to overall writing development. Consultants do not offer grading evaluations on specific assignments, nor are they responsible for grades received on a given piece of writing.
  • Partner with a writer to identify patterns of error and help build a deeper understanding of grammar and syntax. Consultants will not solely proofread, line-edit or "correct" papers.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all tutees. Consultants will not share information with professors without prior approval.


Maximum Appointment Times

Please note that all clients are limited to a maximum of 50 minutes of appointment time per day and no more than three appointments per week. Working on a long-term assignment? Learn more about our long-term project program. If the day when you would like to schedule an appointment on WC Online is completely booked, you can join our waitlist



If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel through our WC Online system or contact our office through the Front Desk Webex chat or email. At least three hours notice is required for cancellations. If you cannot give us three hours notice, your session will be marked as a missed appointment, which may prevent you from booking future appointments. We appreciate a courtesy email even for missed appointments, as other students may be able to sign up for that session in your absence.


Missed Appointments 

Appointments will be held for 30 minutes. If you have not arrived or called in for your appointment within 30 minutes of when it was scheduled to start, it will be marked as missed so that other students who may be waiting to work with a consultant on a drop-in basis can use that time. 

We recognize that last-minute changes can arise in your schedule. The center allows up to three missed appointments per semester. After the third missed appointment, your WC Online account will be disabled; for the remainder of the current semester, you will no longer be able to schedule appointments in advance. You are still welcome, however, to come in for drop-in appointments, as available.


Group and Take Home Exam Appointments

In addition to one-on-one appointments for academic and non-academic writing, the Writing Center also offers Group and Take Home Exam appointments following the policies below:

Group appointments are for papers/projects with more than one writer. In order to maintain academic integrity we have the following policies:

  • To work on the ENTIRE paper/project all group members must be present.
  • If some group members are unable to attend, our consultants can only work on the sections directly written by members that are present.


Booking a Group Appointment:

  • Book an Appointment following normal procedures in WC Online, BUT when filling out the appointment form, make sure to select "Yes" under the question "Is this assignment part of a group paper or group project?" 
  • One group member can book the appointment and then share the Zoom link they are sent with the other members.
  • Each project can ONLY have 50 minutes (1 appointment) per day.

Take-home exams are different from essays or papers. At the Writing Center, we define take-home exams as tests that must be completed outside of class, and within a defined period of time. They may include essay questions, as well as short answer or multiple choice.

To mantain academic integrity, before we can work with you on a take-home exam, we need written permission from your professor. Professor permission must be emailed to [email protected] prior to the appointment. If permission is not sent by 8am the morning of the appointment, we will be unable to hold the appointment and it will be cancelled.


Booking a Take Home Exam Appointment:

  • Book an Appointment following normal procedures in WC Online, BUT when filling out the appointment form, make sure to select "Yes" under the question "" 
  • Send your professor permission to [email protected] prior to the appointment.


Alumni and Consortium Members

GW alumni and consortium members are welcome to make Writing Center appointments on a same-day or drop-in basis. In order to have an appointment reserved, please contact our front desk the same day you wish to book an appointment. Alumni and Consortium appointments are tracked by office staff and are subject to our cancellation and missed appointment policies.


Holidays, Finals and Inclement Weather

The Writing Center offers an abbreviated schedule during finals weeks, and we follow the academic calendar for holiday closings. When the physical center is open on campus, we follow GW Campus Advisories for any closings or delays due to weather. Check the Writing Center’s online scheduling website for detailed schedules by semester.