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Long-Term Project Program

The Long-Term Project (LTP) program enables you to partner with a single consultant for up to a full semester, so that you can have dedicated, sustained attention to a major writing project. You may enter the Program at any stage of the project: as you begin your research, as you begin drafting, as you begin polishing a near-final draft.


What to Expect

Within your sessions, you will be the content expert; the consultant will serve as a fresh set of eyes and as an "outside" reader  who can help you think through your structure, point out areas that need development or clarification, and -- once you have your ideas down -- help you polish your prose. The consultant will also serve as an accountability partner, asking you at the end of each appointment to set a writing goal to meet before your next appointment. 


LTP Appointment Length and Frequency

You can meet as infrequently as once every other week, or as frequently as twice a week, depending on the needs of your project; we recommend 50-minute appointments each time. You and your LTP partner will decide on the right schedule at the beginning of the partnership

Getting Started 

Enrollment for Fall 2022 semester  is open until Monday, November 7th. 

After this date, we recommend you make appointments using our regular schedule to work on your project. You can schedule your own appointments up to two weeks in advance.

First, confirm that your project is appropriate for our Long-Term Project Program:

  1. Are you working on a single project -- a long paper, chapter, or article? (If you are working on a series of separate papers, you don’t qualify for the LTP program; instead, make appointments using our regular schedule.) 

  2. Will you be working on this writing project for more than four weeks, total?  

  3. Will you be able to set aside time to read-write-revise between your visits to the Center?

If you answered “yes” to all three questions, your project would be a good fit for the LTP Program!

All of our consultants are trained to work with writers at all stages of the writing process, and they all have different approaches and styles. Past LTP clients have told us that finding a consultant whose particular approach or disciplinary background were good matches was more important than whether the consultant was an undergraduate or graduate student. 

There are two ways to find a consultant:

  • Consultant Directory - Find a  consultant based on their disciplinary expertise -or- teaching philosophy! Take a look at our Consultant Directory.

  • Availability - Find a consultant whose schedule aligns with yours! The GWWC has two schedules: one for in-person appointments and one for virtual appointments.  Look at who is available at the times you are free (Note consultant schedules repeat weekly)

*Check the Consultants Unavailable for LTP list to confirm your choices are available for an LTP partnership


Book interview appointments

  • Identify 3-4 consultants to interview. 

  • Book appointments with those 3-4 people to identify who you want to partner with on your Long Term Project. (You can book up to three appointments in a week)

What should I do at my interview appointments with potential LTP consultant partners?

GWWC consultants know that many writers will be looking for LTP partners, so they will be expecting your questions.  As the appointment begins,

  • Remind them that you’re meeting with several consultants to find someone to work with on a long-term project this semester. (Note: If the consultant doesn’t have room to take more LTP clients, you may continue the session as a regular appointment to work on your writing) 

  • Describe the project and your writing goals.

  • Bring in a piece of writing related to your proposed project. Follow the consultant’s lead on that document to continue the session.

After the appointment, reflect on how it went. We recommend meeting with at least three consultants so that you can choose someone whose approach works best for you.

Book another appointment with that consultant, where you will work with the consultant to:

  • Review the LTP policies.
  • Develop a Writing Plan” together. This process will help you set a regular schedule, plan for how you’d like to use your regular meetings, and ensure that you know the right steps to take if your schedule chan
  • Complete the Long Term Project contract, which includes committing to the LTP policies and finalizing your schedule.

Schedule Changes or Questions?

If at any point during your Long Term Project partnership your availability changes (including vacations and sick days), please email the Coordinator at [email protected] for assistance in updating your repeating weekly appointments.

NOTE: Your LTP Consultant partner will NOT be able to make changes to your schedule.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please contact the GW Writing Center Director at [email protected].


Online Writing Resources

If you need help with research or source collecting, GW Libraries may be a better fit. Their staff can help you brainstorm research questions, create a research management plan, find sources, find or manage data (including in statistics or GIS) and much more. Contact the Library with questions or schedule a research consultation with a librarian.