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The GW Writing Center consultants offer expertise on a variety of formats and projects. Learn more about the types of content you can bring to appointments. See the bottom of our Appointments page for our Hours of Operation.


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Written Assignments

Consultants are trained to work with writers on papers, research reports, essays, poems, literature reviews, conference papers, grant proposals, speeches and more. They are well versed in APA, Chicago and MLA styles. Appointments are free to members of the GW community.


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Cover Letters

Our approach is based on creating a dialogue between writer and consultant. This method is well suited to cover letters and personal statements.


However, we do not provide feedback on résumés or CVs. Visit the GW Center for Career Services for support with these documents.



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Group Projects

Students who need help with group projects are welcome to visit the center, but all contributing writers must be present at the appointment. We cannot discuss the particulars of a person’s writing without the student present. Alternatively, we can work with individuals as long as we focus on their portion of the writing only.


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Take-Home Midterms and Exams

The Center can assist with take-home essays assigned as midterms or final exams, as long as we have received an email from the professor allowing students to make appointments. Professors should email [email protected] with the course name and either a specific student’s name or blanket permission for all students.



Tools for the Classroom


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Resources for Writers

Learn more about initiatives like the Virtual Café, Writing Support Group, Long-Term Project Program and more.

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GW Resources 

The university offers a wide range of resources in addition to the Writing Center. Find the academic or financial support you need with these commonly used resources.

Print Locations
Printing Locatons on GW Campus

GW Libraries Research Consultations
Get help planning your next research project by booking a consultation with a GW librarian.

Disability Support Services
Request support or accommodation based on the potential impact of a disability with the GW Disability Support Services office.

Foreign Language Tutoring Program
Language tutoring sessions provided by the East Asian Languages and Literatures, Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, and Romance German and Slavic Languages and Literature departments.

Law Writing Center
The Law Writing Center is part of, and serves students of the GW Law School. Writing Fellows are trained to work with writers at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming and outlining, to developing the structure of legal analysis, to publishing a near-finished product. The goal of each writing conference is to help student writers become skilled and critical readers of their own writing.

Language Center
Practice everyday English, take a language exam or talk to someone about waiving language requirements. 

University Writing Program
The Writing Center is part of the broader University Writing Program, which offers guidance on writing course requirements for all students.

English for Academic Purposes Program
Take a course designed to help international students meet academic expectations for written communication at a university level.

Academic Commons
Book peer tutoring or review sessions, research and writing help, step-by-step study strategies, language support and more.

Student Success Coaching 
The Student Success Coaching Program is an academic support service provided to all actively enrolled undergraduates and is uniquely designed to help students build the needed foundation for a successful semester and academic year.

CCAS Undergraduate Advising
Get assistance from your Columbian College academic advisor to navigate declaring a major or minor and other academic support.

Disability Support Services
Request support or accommodation based on the potential impact of a disability with the GW Disability Support Services office.

GW Libraries
Explore on-campus libraries and online research databases.

Student Financial Assistance
Look for scholarships, Federal Work-Study positions, military benefits and other funding assistance.

Center for Career Services
Take advantage of career and job search coaching, self-assessment services, résumé development, networking and more. (Services offered to students and alumni.)

Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research
Search and apply for undergraduate fellowships and research awards. 

Student Accounts Office
View current tuition and aid information. Applicants who request financial aid will be considered for all forms of aid available based on criteria including undergraduate GPA, courses taken, recommendations, extracurricular activities and GRE scores. 

Student Research Commons
Find paid research jobs, fellowships, seminars and other events available in the GW community.