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A young white woman is looking straight on at the camera. She has mid-length and is smiling. She is wearing a partially hidden black t-shirt with a blue denim jacket overtop. The background has trees and foliage.






A young African American is standing, smiling  the camera. Her hair is in braids and wearing a black coat in front of Gelman Library Behind her are tall green trees.







A young white woman with medium-length hair and a nose piercing is looking directly at the camera. She is smiling, standing with her arms on her side and wearing a brown sweater. Behind her are blurred trees.



A young South Asian woman is smiling towards the camera with her head titled to the side. She is wearing a brightly colored floral dress and is standing in front of various plants and flowers.



A young white woman is slightly smiling while facing the camera. She has curly dirty blonde hair  and a dimple. She is wearing a black puffer jacket and behind her is a tree.








Consultant Directory

All consultants are trained to work with clients from any disciplinary background. However, we are providing this directory for those who prefer to work with a consultant whose disciplinary background is similar to their own.

Want to see a day in the life of a consultant? Check out our Day-In-The-Life Instagram Takeover series!










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English, Gender Studies, Philosophy, History, American studies, Classics, Religion, etc.

International Affairs

Mass Communications

Includes Journalism



Public Health

Social Science

Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Political Science, Anthropology, etc.


Biology, chemistry, engineering, math, physics, etc.

Visual and Performing Arts