Felix (Undergraduate Consultant)

Felix, a brown-haired young European man, is pictured outdoors looking into the camera.

Felix (Undergraduate Consultant)


Pronouns: He/Him

Major: Undecided

Discipline: STEM, Visual and Performing Arts

Areas of Interest: Computer Science, Physics; Photography, Cinematography

Languages: Romanian

Preferred Citation Style: APA, Chicago

Interests in the Writing Process: Adding voice/humor to the paper - helping to personalize, Developing a Writing Plan, Expanding and Developing Ideas, Mini Grammar Lessons - looking for patterns, Polishing Drafts - word choice, sentence structure, voice, etc., Recognizing where additional evidence/sources are needed, Working on First Drafts

I strive to engage clients thoughtfully and collaboratively, helping them convey their ideas effectively by asking clarifying questions, providing targeted support, and setting actionable goals. My focus is on helping students find the right language to cogently communicate their arguments and achieve their intended message.